Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cute Picture

For some reason, I never get the kids to pose this cute with me!  I know they like me better though.  {giggle}

Mother's Day Reunion

My Dad planned an awesome Mother's Day for my mom, by flying my oldest sister down from Wyoming for a mini family reunion.  My brother and other sister live here in Houston.  It was so much fun having everyone together.  Here is a picture of our immediate family, then one with a few of the nephews and one niece. 
Top picture (from left to right) - Dad, Samantha, Mom, Kathy, Merry, Ben, and Bonnie
Bottom picture - Kathy, Mom, Merry, Zoe, Ben, Jordan, Draven, Bonnie, Samantha, Dad


We have french drains in our back yard, but even they couldn't keep up with the rains during this last storm!  The water is almost a foot deep on the low side of our yard.

Easter Cake

Barry's Mom, Karen, made another masterpiece for us for Easter!  There was another whole platter of over a dozen little egg cakes like the ones under the bunny here, but by the time I got the camera out, they had been eaten.  I had invited some friends over just so we could get all this dessert eaten!  At least I got a picture of the main attraction!

Jordan's busted lip

Jordan fell off the playground at Mother's Day Out and landed on his face. This is what he looked like. Thankfully, he didn't knock his teeth out, but he did rip the muscle between his gums and lip as well as bruised the gums (which you can see are swollen over his teeth a little). The teachers said he only cried a little and was calm really quickly, he never even cried when I got there. My sweet little tough boy.