Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Stache-off (Barry's Office Bet)

Of all the ridiculous bets Barry has been in, this one beats them all by far! As if eating 78 chicken nuggets in 30 minutes wasn't a good enough feat, he has to take this one even further.
The Stache-Off
Rules of the bet: Each man in the office must grow and maintain a mustache for one full month. (There are 16 guys and only 2 women in his office, clearly this is testosterone zone)
There will be three awards given at the end of the month.
  1. The Magnum P.I. Award (whoever looks the best with the stache)
  2. The Chester Award (whoever looks the creepiest with the stache)
  3. The Energizer Bunny Award (whoever can keep the stache the longest)
Barry who likes to be 'different' has decided to start out the contest with this style. The UFC wanna be or the technical term is called "The Lemmy."
Nice Barry.
Mean Barry.

Back shot.

Side view.

To make matters more "fun", we will be shaving his entire head, then trim his "Lemmy" to a simple mustache and dye it black!!! I think he will definitely win the Chester Award with that, don't you?
I'm not quite sure why I'm okay with this, except for the fact that I thoroughly enjoy laughing at Barry too. Luckily I will be laughing with him, and at him a little.

Feel free to give me your thoughts and any advice you may have for Barry...he will see it himself as he is a regular reader of the blog.

Some of my readers may know some of the other competitors which include: Mr. Mike Keyser, Mr. Todd Kimball, Mr. Jason Beckstead, and Mr. Jason Buchanan (sadly some of these men have admitted that they will not last the full month). Maybe we can get the wives to get pictures of their hubbies in 'stache mode.

Life is too short to not make a few laughs.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Jordan loves climbing up on Barry's back and jumping over him. I don't think Barry likes it as much as Jordan does though. What a good sport. In fact Barry will do anything to make sure Jordan is athletic and sporty, which won't be a difficult thing to become in this family.How tall can you get? Jordan showing off how brave he is, he actually wanted to stand on his shoulders, but that was not going to happen.
I love my man!
This is me with my parents, Mike and Noreen Watson. We're so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa live so close!

Family for Dinner

We had my sister, Merry and her family over for dinner this Sunday. She just moved from Lehi,Utah to Austin, TX and will be finishing up school there. Merry is actually older than me though you probably can't tell from this picture. She's on her toes and I'm bending down a little! I'm the youngest , but the tallest. Merry, Mom, and Bon.
The Hogue Family
Merry, Mike, Zo, & Draven
I was trying to take a picture of my parents with the grandkids together, but the only one cooperating were my Dad and baby girl, go figure. Can you tell they're related?
Yeah, everyone finally sat somewhat still for this one!
Fun family times! I hope we get to see them more often now that they live closer.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jordan ready for Mother's Day Out...

A kiss for sis...


Daddy and the kids.

Jordan attends a Mother's Day Out program at a nearby Baptist church.  Today is donuts with Dad, so Barry took him this morning.  When Barry came back he showed me the gifts the kids made for their dads, a rag that says 'I love my Daddy' and his hand prints on it as well as a paper decorated tie. (I would have put a picture of them on this post, but for some reason it's taking forever to upload the picture so I must go without.)  I don't think Barry will be wearing that tie though.  Barry said that they gave everyone one donut and a juice then the pastor came out and preached for a few minutes.  When the pastor came out, Jordan started raising his hands up in the air like he was grabbing and pulling down the "spirit" as the pastor was.  It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have to admit, I was in a bad mood tonight.  So I came in the office to look at all my favorite blogs and I'm feeling much better now.  Thanks to you ladies out there for cheering me up with your lives of love and crazy kids.  Everyone on my 'blogs I follow' list are who I have to thank.  Love you !

Cute Kids

I have some cute kids!  Of course I'm biased.

Tissue paper...yum!

I walk away for a second to answer the phone and this is what I came back to find.  Jordan was no help in this little fiasco.  At least he know how to show Sam a good time. 

And So I begin...

I have had too many people ask me if I had a blog now to not have one.  So here goes....
Since Hurrican Ike passed through our home town of Cypress, TX  things have been a little hectic.  The grocery stores are just now carrying milk, eggs, and bread regularly now.  And we don't have to wait in line for gas anymore (at least in this part of the city).  I'm grateful to say that we had no damage on our house and were only without power for 6 hours.  Lucky us.  I hope everyone else has been able to get through this without too much trouble.