Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Am I crazy or considerate....both.

So Barry and I have been trying to work out and we had a membership to LA Fitness for a while, but it got in the way of family time with Barry and he doesn't really like working out in front of people anyway. Who does for that matter? So he asked me, "Why don't we get a home gym?" I ask "Where will we put it?" Then we proceed to think for a long time. I like the way my house is set up right now, everything has it's place. So we put it off due to not wanting to make the decision. Well, a month later, Barry asks me about it again but this time I've seen how hard it is for him leaving us at night, when he only has about 2 hours a day with the kids anyways. I always wanted work out with him, so we went for it. I gave up my beautiful dining room table for, hopefully, rock hard abbs eventually. (Don't hold me to that!)
Anyway here's the before: (This is Barry's single friend, Dobie, who's keeping the table for us. Anyone interested?)

And after:

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to girly up this room just a bit. How do you decorate a workout room? Any suggestions?

I know some of you are thinking Barry's got me whipped (which I would be fine with), but I'm not, I'm just a good at compromises. Besides this will be a good one to hold to him for when I really want something! hehe I will say that I love how Barry still thanks me everyday for doing this for him.

I love my Cousins!

Most of my cousins come to Conroe to visit their parents for the holidays and when they do, I make sure I go see them while their here. We missed Beth, Rebekah and Robert, but it was still great to see everyone! From the left: Matt & Laura Webb, Andy & Mary Sullivan, Bryan & Angela Hunger, and Barry & Bonnie Mills! (sorry Matt, your eyes were closed in every picture)

Two of the babies, Nicole Hunger and Samantha. Too bad Luke was sleeping.
My cousins Mary and Angela and I all had kids around the same time which was a lot of fun! Even more so now that the kids are old enough to play together.
A kiss for Allison from Jordan!

And a kiss for Jentrey!

Sweet second cousins!
Jentrey, Jordan and Allison.


We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our friends Ruth and Cameron Stephen. I never knew Cameron could cook so well! He makes a mean turkey! They let us come and crash their house so it was considerably a pain free holiday, thanks Ruth! We'll see how Christmas goes.

Ruth and Cameron Stephen

Their boys, Andrew and David with Jordan. They had a blast playing together!

Samantha just chilled with the adults mostly. She found David's sunglasses and decided to make a fashion statement.