Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buzz Lightyear in Timeout

I heard Jordan talking to Buzz Lightyear earlier today and this is what I found.....

Can you tell that Jordan has been to timeout a time or two?? I promise I do not slam my kid against the wall, he must have learned that from his daddy! At least he says "Sorry Buzz" after he bangs him on the wall.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Little Mess Maker

Samantha has officially begun her mess making phase. Everywhere I turn she has opened, dumped, and trampled every corner of this house! The pictures display only a couple of her favorite places to dissemble. I used to think having a shoe basket by the door was a good idea, but now I'm rethinking it, any suggestions?

Jordan was moving around too much for a picture at first, so I told him to sit still and this is what he did. A little more animation would be nice but who would want to change that reverent position. He tries so hard to make me happy ... most of the time. Love those cute faces.

Snake in the back yard!

So Barry is in the back yard weed whacking and I suddenly hear him yell, "Whoa!" and the the motor turn off abruptly. I went outside to find that he had decapitated a snake! Yuck! At least it's just a little grass snake, but it's a first for us.