Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cute Picture

For some reason, I never get the kids to pose this cute with me!  I know they like me better though.  {giggle}

Mother's Day Reunion

My Dad planned an awesome Mother's Day for my mom, by flying my oldest sister down from Wyoming for a mini family reunion.  My brother and other sister live here in Houston.  It was so much fun having everyone together.  Here is a picture of our immediate family, then one with a few of the nephews and one niece. 
Top picture (from left to right) - Dad, Samantha, Mom, Kathy, Merry, Ben, and Bonnie
Bottom picture - Kathy, Mom, Merry, Zoe, Ben, Jordan, Draven, Bonnie, Samantha, Dad


We have french drains in our back yard, but even they couldn't keep up with the rains during this last storm!  The water is almost a foot deep on the low side of our yard.

Easter Cake

Barry's Mom, Karen, made another masterpiece for us for Easter!  There was another whole platter of over a dozen little egg cakes like the ones under the bunny here, but by the time I got the camera out, they had been eaten.  I had invited some friends over just so we could get all this dessert eaten!  At least I got a picture of the main attraction!

Jordan's busted lip

Jordan fell off the playground at Mother's Day Out and landed on his face. This is what he looked like. Thankfully, he didn't knock his teeth out, but he did rip the muscle between his gums and lip as well as bruised the gums (which you can see are swollen over his teeth a little). The teachers said he only cried a little and was calm really quickly, he never even cried when I got there. My sweet little tough boy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's New with Barry and Bonnie

I joined a Women's Self Defense class a week ago with a Martial Arts instructor. I love it!!! He's teaching me mixed martial arts of self defense as well as attacks. I can even earn my belts if I choose to. I'm not sure yet, but I have already learned how to kick Barry's butt! After 8 years of play wrestling with Barry always pinning me down, I was able to break his hold and win after just one lesson! Cool, huh?

Barry has been devoted to gaining weight and building muscles he's never had before. LOL We take pictures to keep track of his progress and I wanted to post some but I didn't feel comfortable with showing my hubby's nipples on here. So I think this back view will suffice. He's gained almost 30 pounds! Go Barry!

I'll keep you posted on our progress!

Popcorn, a Movie, and a Bellybutton?

Here is a photo op I couldn't pass up. They're watching Madagascar which Jordan likes to add lib along sometimes.

Grandma learning to play the Wii

We had Barry's mom over with the rest of the family and she finally tried out the Wii! It was a lot of fun watching her learn. Sam wanted to sit with her so she attempted to play with Sam's hand on the controller. It was nice having everyone together.
Bro-in-law, Billy, teaching Karen how to move the controller, while Scott, Barry's younger brother watches.

Karen and Sam

Barry's sister, Lisa and her husband Billy.

Way to go Karen, for keeping up with the kids!

Banana Queen

Love this face!

Jordan Turns 3

Jordan turned 3 years old on Jan. 26th! We had a great party and Karen (Barry's mom) made an awesome cake, yet again! The woman is amazing! I wished I could've gotten more pictures of Jordan, but he wouldn't sit still or smile for that matter. He got his first bike and loved it! We took a video of this, but I'm too lazy right now to wait for it to upload (sorry). The top of the cake is actually a playdough toy that she put on top of her beautiful iced grass. Cool idea isn't it?

Girly from the get go!

So I haven't been quick to getting dresses on Sam till I saw her reaction to some dresses grandma brought over. I had left them hanging over the couch when Sam came over and pulled a little red one down and brought it to me whining and pointing to her chest. I asked, "Do you want to wear this?" and she replied with a determined head nod. So I put it on her and she took off squealing and spinning in the kitchen. I could hardly believe how excited she was about the thing. I wished I could've gotten a video of her first reaction, but these pictures still show the glee on her face. I loved it! I had no idea she was so girly!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anniversary Video

Bonnie posted below about our 8 wonderful years of marriage and the progression we've had.  Personally, I feel like I have to work harder to get better looking (thus the home gym), since Bonnie gets more beautiful with each new year!  She's better than a fine wine; not like I'd know though.....

Anyways, I really enjoy making family videos and presentations since we got our Apple  computers.  It is so easy and fun.  Here's a video I made for Bonnie on our Anniversary last month.  It's some highlights of 2008 (pause the music from Bonnie's music corner on the right, as this video has its own soundtrack).

- Barry

After 8 Years

It all started in 2000!

Then in 2006....

Then again in 2007.... (what was I thinking two years in a row!)

And here we are present date and happy!

I have to say, we make cute babies, but not cute enough to keep going that strong! haha
I will say having a family has been the most wonderful and horrible thing I've ever experienced in my life (all you real people know what I'm talking about). I wouldn't change a thing! I've learned more in the last eight years of my marriage than I have the first 18 years of my life! Damn that law of opposition....but thank heaven for it too. It feels good to honestly say I'm happy!

Holidays + Pictures = nada

So I don't know why I can't seem to get my camera out the day of special holidays, but I just don't think about it till it's too late! Sorry I don't have any pics of Christmas. We had an awesome one! The Barry got his workout room, the kids got too many gifts, I got a new phone and a new jean size (yeah!!!) and we had lots of great food and family to celebrate with! Hope everyone else had a great one too!