Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anniversary Video

Bonnie posted below about our 8 wonderful years of marriage and the progression we've had.  Personally, I feel like I have to work harder to get better looking (thus the home gym), since Bonnie gets more beautiful with each new year!  She's better than a fine wine; not like I'd know though.....

Anyways, I really enjoy making family videos and presentations since we got our Apple  computers.  It is so easy and fun.  Here's a video I made for Bonnie on our Anniversary last month.  It's some highlights of 2008 (pause the music from Bonnie's music corner on the right, as this video has its own soundtrack).

- Barry

After 8 Years

It all started in 2000!

Then in 2006....

Then again in 2007.... (what was I thinking two years in a row!)

And here we are present date and happy!

I have to say, we make cute babies, but not cute enough to keep going that strong! haha
I will say having a family has been the most wonderful and horrible thing I've ever experienced in my life (all you real people know what I'm talking about). I wouldn't change a thing! I've learned more in the last eight years of my marriage than I have the first 18 years of my life! Damn that law of opposition....but thank heaven for it too. It feels good to honestly say I'm happy!

Holidays + Pictures = nada

So I don't know why I can't seem to get my camera out the day of special holidays, but I just don't think about it till it's too late! Sorry I don't have any pics of Christmas. We had an awesome one! The Barry got his workout room, the kids got too many gifts, I got a new phone and a new jean size (yeah!!!) and we had lots of great food and family to celebrate with! Hope everyone else had a great one too!